Today announced the successful completion of a $40M Series D financing led by Domain Partners VIII.

KlegermanExpanded use for IntelliCap with further CE Tag for aspiration of fluids’The proceeds from this financing, led by top-tier biotechnology traders, speaks to the purchase community's support for developing innovative anti-inflammatory medicines for patients diagnosed with orphan diseases. We believe CTX-4430's capability to decrease neutrophil elastase in the airways of CF sufferers gets the potential to preserve lung function in CF patients, irrespective of patient-particular CF gene mutation,’ said Greg Duncan, President and CEO of Celtaxsys. ‘Although fresh therapies possess markedly improved the outlook for sufferers with CF over the past few decades, the consequences of chronic inflammation in the lungs is the primary reason behind early death still.The authors claim that common elements may underlie both irregular asthma/allergy and intervals, including fetal advancement and insulin resistance. Previous research in addition has found a link between poorer lung function and insulin resistance. Contact: Dr Cecilie Swanes, Department of Thoracic Medication, Haukeland Medical center, Bergen, Norway, at IMIM currently, Barcelona, Spain Tel: +34 629 083 310; Cell: +34 952 294 646 Email: Just click here to see the paper completely.. Cigna Foundation awards World of Difference grant to improve center healthy behaviors in women New program to be housed in YMCAs in NYC With regards to hearts, women and men aren’t created equally.