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The study caused a major controversy but was discredited shortly, and 10 of the study’s 13 authors have since renounced its conclusions. The Lancet as well has regretted publishing the scholarly study, criticizing the authors for not really revealing what it characterized as a fatal conflict of curiosity. The GMC allege that Dr. Andrew Wakefield conducted operations on kids including colonoscopies and lumbar punctures which were arguably unnecessary and showed callous disregard for the distress and discomfort the kids might suffer because of his actions. The money was paid into an account kept by trustees at the Royal Free for the reasons of Dr.When anxiety in children exists in the true, clinical type the fears that look like phases will not pass with time. Children may have problems with actual panic attacks, make an effort to isolate themselves and also go out of their way to avoid situations that produce them particularly uncomfortable or vulnerable. If anxiety in kids is suspected, it is advised that parents seek out professional advice generally. Anxiety is generally a treatable condition and may even be curable in some instances. Addressing anxiety in children head on can prevent a host of other problems and put kids on the right footing for enjoying life..