Open access special problem of the American Journal of Community Health.

EDT. Highlights from the special issue of the American Journal of Community Health include: 1.Veterans present upsurge in building homes smoke-free, yet lag behind civilians 2 still.Racial disparities noticed among cancer individuals receiving care in VA health care system 3.Suicidal ideation and mental distress correlated with individuals in midlife with armed service history Veterans show increase in building homes smoke-free, but still lag in back of civilians New research from the American Journal of Community Wellness finds that veterans, though showing a rise between 2001 and 2011, still lag behind non-veterans in voluntarily adopting smoke-free rules in their home. Over this period of time, the disparity between veteran and non-veteran smoke-free rule adoption offers widened also.* Exercise is crucial to ensure that you maintain a sound body weight. Regular exercise leads to an improvement in your blood pressure and cholesterol also. World Health Organization recommends that you need to perform at least 150 minutes of moderate-strength activity such as brisk strolling, playing sports activities like badminton, tennis, cycling etc weekly for good health. It is always an improved option to prevent diabetes as diabetes treatment revolves around achieving and maintaining great sugar control however, not a complete treatment.