In addition to significant disability from pain and joint damage.

It is commonly regarded as a chronic inflammatory condition of the joints, with pain, swelling and erosion its common manifestations. It is, nevertheless, a systemic illness with several extra-articular manifestations impacting the heart, vessels, lungs, skin and eyes. In addition to significant disability from pain and joint damage, individuals with rheumatoid arthritis possess a reduced life span of between 3 and 18 years significantly. Most studies have identified cardiovascular disease as the main cause of premature loss of life in people who have rheumatoid arthritis..The medical liability system has no shortage of critics. Many sufferers who suffer harm are never compensated. Incompetent doctors can practice for years; good ones will get dragged into court. Defensive medicine is estimated to cost Medicare and Medicaid billions of dollars a year. The mostly advocated fix – limiting jury awards for a victim’s pain and suffering – has mostly been a political non-starter. Trial lawyers, who give to Democrats generously, are opposed adamantly. Some academic specialists say such limits could be unfair because they possess the biggest impact on the people harm most severely.