This is no joke: In the event that you concentrate on eating well balanced meals.

Quit considering what you’re consuming and just do what you’re told by the mainstream mass media and its own processed food advertisers. Questioning medical properties of your processed foods is certainly a mental disorder, didn’t you know? And if you ‘obsess’ over foods , then you’re weird. Maybe even sick. That is the message they’re broadcasting now. Junk food eaters are ‘normal’ and ‘sane’ and ‘nourished.’ But health food eaters are diseased, malnourished and abnormal. But why, you inquire, would they attack healthful eaters? People like Dr. Gabriel Cousens can let you know why: Because improved mental and spiritual consciousness is only possible while on a diet plan of living, natural foods.Related StoriesBreastfeeding connected with lower risk of developing hormone-receptor harmful breasts cancerSMU and University of Maryland experts awarded NIH grant to combat pediatric asthmaMayo Clinic research analyzes asthma outcomes after patients step down daily medicines’We found both groupings had similar amounts of kids with hay fever,’ stated lead study author Quindelyn Cook, MD, ACAAI member. ‘We also found both organizations had similar numbers of children with asthma, food and eczema allergy. ‘ The analysis examined 194 patients, aged 4-18 years old, who was simply diagnosed as having hay fever with documented outcomes with a skin prick test.