A variety with higher degrees of the active plant chemical substance sulforaphane.

Cancer, genes and broccoli People who gain less protection from cancer by eating broccoli may be able to compensate for the difference in their genetic make-up by consuming ‘super broccoli’, a variety with higher degrees of the active plant chemical substance sulforaphane, or by consuming larger portions. A lot of people, who absence a gene known as GSTM1, may actually get less cancer safety from broccoli than those who have the gene. Broccoli may be the main source of natural substance sulforaphane up to 4-6 hours . It belongs to the crucifer family of plants which include the brassica vegetables cabbage, brussels and cauliflower sprouts, and the related Chinese cabbage and turnips closely.

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Cancer Treatment in India, Tumor Cure Ayurveda Tumor is a dominating disease which spread through the body easily. There are such symptoms where a physician can understand that the individual is suffering from tumor. Some symptoms are excess weight loss, fever, urge for food, vomitting, sudden weakness, breath taking problem etc. Sometimes treatments give the result in passive and the medicines also fail to end the spreading of the tumors as well. Ayurvedic medicines therefore have a complete lot of contribution in the Cancer Treatment in India.