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The Gazette, 4/14/08
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Ocean City Sentinel, 2/28/08
Ocean City

Baltimore Sun, 9/8/07
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Baltimore Sun

Greenland Tour, 8/16-20/07
Greenland Tour

Baltimore Sun, 6/23/05
Baltimore Sun

Washington Post, 4/10/08
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Washington Post

The Press of Atlantic City, 2/21/08
Atlantic City

Letter V, 8/23/07
Letter V

Style Weekly, 8/15/07
Style Weekly

Richmond Times Dispatch, 5/25/03


“A tremendous trio”
– Atlantic City Press (2/21/08)

“some of Baltimore’s best classical musicians”
– Baltimore Sun (7/13/07)

“well-matched ensemble”
“The long-breathed Adagio and galloping Scherzo make especially vivid impressions, but the whole score shines, as the Trio La Milpa demonstrated winningly.”
– Baltimore Sun (6/25/05)

“wonderful and unique”
– Crisfield (MD) Times (9/19/07)

“an elegant performance”
– Gronlandposten, Nuuk, Greenland (8/23/07)

“A virtuoso performance”
“One thing was apparent – the three musicians are masters. It was a memorable concert.”

– Ocean City (NJ) Sentinel (2/28/08)

“flawless”, “gratifying soulfulness”
– Richmond Times-Dispatch (8/25/03)

“(the musicians) sounded with great clarity and (with) a prismatic quality.”
“sparkling musicianship”

– Style Weekly, Richmond, VA (8/23/07)

“The audience seemed transfixed during the performance, but burst into wild applause when the (work) finished.”
– Montgomery Gazette (4/9/08)

“The clear sounds of the wind instruments filled the air…”thrilling”,”intimate”
– Washington Post (4/10/08)

A “master ensemble”
– Wilmington News Journal (11/3/08)